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New Communication Grant

Date Posted: 02/09/2024

09 February 2024

New Communications Grant


The Crawford County Coroner's office and the County Health Department joined forces in applying for and receiving a grant that would greatly increase communication in the event of a disaster or County health emergency.  In past emergencies, communication with the health department has been hindered. This, along with the fact the county had no working EOC, created a disjointed response in some incidents.   With the new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) opening soon, this grant will help fill that gap. This grant is a full grant and does not require matching funds from the county. 

Through the state of Missouri, the grant will purchase a base radio for the EOC, three portable handheld radios for communication with the EOC and other county agencies, and eight common band radios for use between personnel on scene.   This grant also purchases two computers for the EOC, and a dedicated telephone for the EOC, which will also be used as a 24-hour call center for the health department when a county-wide health emergency has been declared. 

The County Emergency Management Director, Mark Friedmann, will oversee the equipment and work closely with the health department in setting up communication protocols.  Mr. Friedmann is also the director of the EOC and will help establish a cohesive response to county-wide emergencies.

We want to thank the Health Department Director Tracey Stover and Emergency Management Director Mark Friedmann for their help in applying for and receiving this grant. 





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Map showing the location of Crawford County in Missouri