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Insulin for Life Partnership



Diabetes is a global problem, and with this disease comes a variety of obstacles that individuals are forced to face, most prominently being a lack of insulin. 900,000 children with Type 1 Diabetes, from over 70 countries, suffer from this need, sometimes dying as a result. This unacceptable reality is unfair, preying on those with limited access to resources and limited control over their circumstance.

We have partnered with Insulin For Life USA to help those  needing diabetic supplies and insulin. 

Crawford County Coroner, Darren Dake has started the Diabetic Supplies Donation Program. This program collects donations of unexpired insulin and diabetic supplies for shipment to Insulin For Life USA (IFL), which distributes those life-saving supplies to those less fortunate in over 74 countries worldwide. IFL can also use supplies domestically during certain types of disasters (floods, tornadoes, etc.), where access to basic medical resources is severely limited.

"Our office often responds to homes where we collect medications which ultimately cannot be reused. Over the years, we have collected thousands of dollars worth of unused, unopened, and unexpired vials of insulin, insulin pens, cartridges, meters, lancets, and other diabetic supplies, which were destroyed at the end of our investigations. I am pleased to announce that we will no longer have to destroy these medications and supplies. I would also like to partner with all of you to help others in need by accepting donations of any of the accepted items.  Thank you so much for helping us help the world."  Coroner Darren Dake 


IFL USA's mission is simple: to bring the necessary resources to individuals with diabetes. We share that mission. 

To do this, we actively accept supplies from patients and organizations that usually go to waste. Once those resources are donated, we take care of the rest. We will ship these critical supplies to IFL USA, where they can be distributed to areas in the most need. This reduces waste within a medical community where many go without using already-made goods to solve a problem that can save someone's life. It's because of generous partners and consistent support from individuals in and out of the diabetes community that IFL USA can make a difference. Every donation, whether for resources or financial assistance, goes toward helping someone in need.

Items can be dropped off at our office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or we can come to your location to pick them up if necessary. 

Drop-off location:

Crawford County Coroner  501 East Washington  Cuba, Mo. 65453

Phone: 573-775-4250


*If you are unsure if the item(s) you have are suitable for donation, please bring them in. Our staff will be able to sort through them to donate what we can and properly dispose of the items that cannot be donated.

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