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Insurance or Legal Records Request

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To obtain the requested records, please complete the form below and include a copy of the records release form signed by the legal next-of-kin. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to let you know the release timeline and associated fees.  No records will be released until the records fee is paid.

Section 610.026.1(1), RSMo, allows a public governmental body to charge up to 10 cents per page for standard paper copies, the average hourly rate of pay for clerical staff to duplicate documents, and the actual cost of the research time for fulfilling the request. This provision also requires that the public governmental body use the lowest salaried employees capable of searching, researching, and copying the records. Fees for accessing records on other media, or non-standard paper copies, shall reflect actual cost involved. The requestor may wish to ask for a breakdown of the costs associated with the request to determine how the public governmental body arrived at the final charge.

610.205.  Crime scene photographs and video recordings closed records, when - disclosure to next-of-kin or by court order - inapplicability. - 1.  Crime scene photographs and video recordings, including photographs and video recordings created or produced by a state or local agency or by a perpetrator or suspect at a crime scene, which depict or describe a deceased person in a state of dismemberment, decapitation, or similar mutilation including, without limitation, where the deceased person's genitalia are exposed, shall be considered closed records and shall not be subject to disclosure....


Fee explanation

.10 per page plus 2 hours to locate, copy, redact, prepare, refill, and deliver; plus actual time to research plus 10% of the actual cost of autopsy or toxicology conducted or $100 maximum for standard record request. 


Average Cost per Request


Coroner Investigation Report  $32.00
Coroner Report with Toxicology Only  $64.50
Coroner Report with Autopsy and Toxicology $89.50
Report Preparation and Postage $12.00



This form is used when an insurance company or legal representative requests a coroner report and investigative records.  There is a fee for records, which must be paid before any records are released.   Please keep the following in mind when making your request.

  1. A release form from next of kin is required. 
  2. When making the request, you must submit the release form and company letterhead or business card.
  3. Once our office receives the request, you will be contacted regarding when the records will be ready for release. 
  4. Records may be limited or not released until adjudicated if this is an open or criminal case. 

If you have questions, please get in touch with our office before completing the request. 



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