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Next of Kin Records Request

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Our office will provide one set of our Coroner investigation reports along with autopsy and toxicology findings, if applicable, to the next-of-kin on record, without charge.  This is usually the next-of-kin listed on the initial death notification.  Any subsequent requests from other next-of-kin will be at a fee.  These records are not for insurance or litigation use. Each page will be marked with that disclaimer.

To request a report, please complete the form below and submit a copy of a valid state-issued driver's license or identification card. Other forms of identification are not accepted.  To be considered valid, it must reflect your current address, not be expired, and match the name you are using on the submission form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to let you know the time frame of the records release and verify if you are picking up the records at our office,  or if we will be mailing them by certified mail with the required identification and signature.


Second Request or other than next-of-kin.

Fee explanation

.10 per page plus 2 hours to locate, copy, redact, prepare, refill, and deliver; plus actual time to research plus 10% of the actual cost of autopsy or toxicology conducted or $100 maximum for standard record request. 


Average Cost per Request

Coroner Investigation Report  $32.00
Coroner Report with Toxicology Only  $64.50
Coroner Report with Autopsy and Toxicology $89.50
Report Preparation and Postage $12.00


This form is used when a legal next-of-kin requests a coroner report and investigative records.  One set of records is given without charge to the next of kin. Any subsequent requests will incur a fee.   Please keep the following in mind when making your request.

  1. These records are not for use as insurance or legal proceedings and will be marked accordingly. 
  2. When making the request, you must submit a valid state identification, such as a driver's license. 
  3. Once our office receives the request, you will be contacted regarding when the records will be ready for release. 
  4. Records may be limited or not released until adjudicated if this is an open or criminal case. 

If you have questions, please get in touch with our office before completing the request. 



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