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Emergency Management


Director: Mark Friedmann

The Emergency Operations Center is the nerve center for the County Government and other governmental and emergency response agencies in the event of a widespread emergency in Crawford County or the surrounding area.  With emergency power and communications systems, the EOC can be activated on short notice upon the decision of the EOC Director or County Commission. 


The EOC is staffed by law enforcement officers, civilian personnel, members of each of the City and County Departments, and representatives from up to a dozen or more other entities. The EOC provides coordinated communication between agencies providing emergency services, agencies responsible for basic infrastructure, and the news media. The EOC is also in constant communication with Central Communications and Dispatch when it is in operation. It provides continual, up-to-date knowledge of situations being reported by citizens to the 911 system and its member agencies.


For more information on the EOC and its operations, contact Mark Friedmann

Phone:    573-775-4250




To get a copy of the current Emergency Operations Plan for Crawford County, Missouri, click the link below.

Emergency Operations Plan

Map showing the location of Crawford County in Missouri

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Map showing the location of Crawford County in Missouri